Androvacuum is a top quality penis pump which uses vacuum therapy (reduced air pressure) to induce erection of the penis. It helps patients with sexual dysfunction or even impotence. It can also be used in training sexual fitness to improve existing erections, as regular use of the pump makes erections longer and harder.
Penis pumps have been used for decades By the medical community they are considered a generally accepted medical device to aid with sexual dysfunction and impotence which is also supported by various scientific studies . Often they are called vacuum constriction devices. In some countries medical vacuum therapy with a pump is even covered by medical insurance as an established procedure for treating erectile dysfunction (e.g. Medicare in the USA).
Vacuum therapy is a procedure by medical penis pumps to help with erection problems. The reduced pressure (partial vacuum) established in the cylinder draws more blood from the body into the penis because of the difference in air pressure. The penis thus becomes engorged with blood and erects. This principle can be used to combat erection problems and sexual dysfunctions or to build sexual fitness.